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Timesoft iSeries Workforce Intelligence Solution

  Runs on IBM i™ as400 iSeries
  Unlimited Companies, i.e., business units (easily add sister companies, recently acquired businesses, etc.)

  Unlimited Locations within each company
  Unlimited Departments within each Location
  Multi Pay Periods within each Department/Location/Company
  Unlimited user profiles with unique login ID, password and department and option level security
  Built-In Pay Periods: Weekly, BI-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, and Monthly
  Pay Codes: Regular, Overtime, DoubleTime, Sick, Vacation, Holiday, Personal, Other, and unlimited
    user-defined codes to track non-paid vacation, non-paid sick time, paid or non-paid jury dury, paid or
    non-paid bereavement leave, etc.
  Calculates daily and weekly overtime based on your rules
  Automatic calculation of comp time (converts overtime hours into personal hours for future employee use)
  Unlimited shifts/departments/pay policies
  Prepares time cards online
  Online Hours Approval Enforcement with Exception Report for hours not yet approved
  Lockout window - prevents unauthorized work time
  Tracks hours by worked department/earning code
  Ensures consistent pay policies
  Tracks both hourly and salaried employees
  Processes paid, non-paid, and user-defined hours
  OT1 & OT2 rate multiplier
  Re-assign badges & employee numbers without losing link to history hours
  Assign employee to supervisor for reporting sorting purposes
  Holiday eligibility rules for hourly and salaried employees
  Massive entry of holiday hours
  Pay policy allows exception pay days (example: pay overtime on Sunday regardless of hours worked)
  Detail Audit trail showing detail changes made to employees hours, see add/changes report
  Employee's can quickly view current/past worked hours (Available with Terminal Time Entry Module only)
  Smart design eliminates need for employees to press in/out keys. Makes clocking in/out fast and easy.
  Hundredths (.xx) or tenths (.x) hours calculation
  Flexible rounding rules - 1\4 hr, 1/10 hr, total hours worked, and actual punch.
  Quickly access history hours for up to 99 months
  Optional employee scheduling
  Optional benefit accrual module
  Powerful Lunch Rules - actual lunch, auto lunch deduction, and minimum lunch enforcement with optional     grace minutes
  Provides flexible shifts
  Time and shift differential with optional extra % or $ amount
  Year to date hours accumulators
  Employee's rate for gross wages calculation
  Time Card Editor allows online re-calculation of hours
  Who is here today? inquiry
  Can process multiple pay periods simultaneously
  Quickly identifies paid-break time abusers
  Track/report on reason codes
  Software sells ready to connect unlimited local/remote time clocks
  Allows employees to clock in/out at different time clocks
  Optional bell ringing capability
  And much, much more...


  Provides fast and accurate access to past hours history
  Unlimited pay policies/groups provides highest level of flexibility
  Multiple shifts per employee with automatic shift detection
  Swipe and Go! Technology allows employees to clock in/out without pressing any keys at eClock, eliminating     employee keying errors
  Helps you control labor costs and save money!
  No need to close a pay period before starting a new one - allowing you to keep processing your current employee     hours without interrupting your time and attendance operation
  Streamlines record keeping by using an electronic and paperless system which puts current and history employee     information at your fingertips
  Reduces litigation and disputes over tardiness, hours worked, and others.
  Fully integrated payroll interface (at no additional charge) - eliminates costly data entry and manual errors while     dramatically reducing payroll turnaround time.
  Easy to understand terminology simplify complex pay practices
  Solid software engineering design delivers consistent and reliable results
  Computes hours according to your company’s policies
  Increases productivity and profitability by eliminating lost time, manual error, and manual computation
  Timesoft® 400 gives your company the necessary tools and information to react to changes and to manage your     company's biggest resource, PEOPLE


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