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    Benefits of Using Timesoft's Biometric Solutions

  Provides irrefutable identification - positively verifying     employees' identity - can't be fooled
  Eliminates use of cards, badges, or other forms of ID     which can be easily transferred, lost or stolen
  Provides the highest level of security
  Eliminates buddy-punching
  Prevents employee time theft
  Greatly increases data accuracy - employee's CAN     NOT punch each other in OR out - either by accident     when grabbing the wrong card from the rack or on     purpose when buddy-punching their friend who is     running late or who left early
  Positively identifies each employee by the unique     features of his or her fingerprint (or hand), increasing the security and accuracy of your company's time data.
  Fingerprint eClock easily connects to IBM iSeries™     server
  Hand Reader unit easily connects to PC and works     with Timesoft iSeries™
  Communication Options: Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232, RS485 and dial-up Modem

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