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Timesoft eClocks™ (AS400 electronic timeclocks) are compact, durable, and reliable. They connect directly to your IBM i / AS/400 / iSeries™ locally or remotely, employee punch data goes from Timesoft eClock directly to your IBM i DB2 database.

Timesoft electronic time clocks come with their own built-in resources, and do not slow down or consume any IBM iSeries' resources. Dependable Timesoft eClocks™ keep on collecting time related transactions even when your IBM iSeries™ is down.
Employee Time Management Features

Timesoft eClock™ is intelligently designed...
  No need to specify IN or OUT, intelligent Timesoft software codes punches automatically.
  Displays employees' name and badge # as confirmation of successful entry
  Validates data - Before recording it, increasing accuracy, reducing errors and editing
  Prevents employee(s) from clocking during unauthorized times (lockout feature) and thus accumulating unauthorized     work time. Each individual employee can have a different lockout time, or none at all.
  Checks if employee has permission to perform department or earning code transfers before allowing the transfer to     occur
  Employees can punch in at one eClock™ and punch out at another, intelligent Timesoft software will merge all the     punches together and calculate hours accurately
  Employees can inquire on total hours worked for the current week (feature can be turned on or off)

Other Valuable Benefits...
  Allows BOTH Swipe and Go! and IN and OUT key employees on same unit
  Keypad entry allows employees to punch without a badge (feature can be turned on or off)
  Automatic daylight savings
  10 year - Long lasting lithium battery stores punches in case of power loss
  eClocks™ connect to your IBM iSeries locally and remotely
  eClock™ DOES NOT require online computer connection
  Portable - can be powered through cigarette lighter adapter (Great for off-site locations, e.g., construction sites,     company picnics, temporary locations, etc.)
  Simultaneous badging and polling allows punch data to be retrieved while employees' are punching
  Capture of employee lunch and break times
  Connect unlimited number of eClocks™


 Supervisor Time Management Features
  With Timesoft eClocks™ your managers and supervisors don't have to go to a computer to perform some basic administrative time functions. Timesoft eClocks™ allow supervisors to clock in someone who forgot their badge, browse punches on time clocks memory, transfer employee to a different department or earning code, and many more. Freeing your floor supervisors from having to go to a computer!!

Please Note: Supervisor features are only available to supervisors with a supervisor badge.

 Standard Specifications

  8.7 in. wide x 6.1 in. tall x 2.3 in. deep
  Magnetic stripe card reader
  Lithium battery backed RAM
  Real Time Clock Chip on-board, accurate to +/- 10 ppm
  LCD dot matrix backlit display, 2 lines with 20 characters/line
  16-key (4 rows x 4 columns)

  Connection: RS-485, TCP/IP, or Modem Port
  Readers: Visible or Infrared bar code, Proximity, and/or Fingerprint attachment* (magnetic comes standard on ALL units)
  Attachments: bar code wand, buzzer, signal relay box for signal/bell control, cigarette lighter power adapter
  10 hr Battery backup unit

 Timesoft eClock™ Connection Requirements
Ethernet TCP/IP
  Requires Timesoft iSeries™ and     TCP/IP Communication software
  IBM iSeries™ TCP/IP Connection
  Requires Timesoft iSeries™ software
  One RS232 Communication Port with     IBM Cable
  One RS485 Timesoft Cable Connection     Kit
  Requires Timesoft iSeries™ software
  One RS232 Communication Port with     IBM Cable and Asynchronous Modem
  Dial-up telephone line at Host and     Remote eClock™ site

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