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Timesoft Time Entry, a Timesoft iSeries™ optional data collection module, gives your company the added flexibility of having employees clocking in/out through any PC or terminal with AS/400 access. Virtually turning your entire AS/400 network into a time clock.

Time Entry Feature Summary

  Timesoft Time Entry™ turns any computer with AS/400 access into a time clock, allowing employees to clock     in/out
  Perfect for all size companies and locations with access to AS/400
  Immediate online recording of punches into your AS/400 database
  Quick installation: no time clocks, no badges, no hardware wiring, no hassles!
  Department Transfers
  Tracks lunches and paid breaks
  Online viewing of current or past period time card (optional password)
  Works with optional external magnetic or bar code badge reader or wand to allow "swiping" of employee punches
  Coming soon - benefit hours inquiry with optional password

Timesoft Time Entry™ was Intelligently built...
  No need to specify IN or OUT, intelligent Timesoft software codes punches automatically
  Displays employees' name and badge number as confirmation of successful entry
  Detects double entries, thus preventing employees' from entering duplicate punches
  Validates data before recording it - increasing accuracy, reducing erroneous entries and editing time
  Enforces lockout times, preventing employees from clocking during unauthorized times and thus accumulating     unauthorized work time


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